About our Nappies

What is the difference between the Ai2 Pocket (v1.5) and Snap & Wipe (v3.5) nappies? 

The v1.5 is a pocket nappy with a stay-dry jersey lining and waterproof PUL exterior

  • It comes with a hourglass hemp insert (Day Nappy) and rectangular bamboo insert (Night Nappy)
  • These nappies were designed to fit snug and trimmer than our v3.5 nappies
  • Great night nappies for moderate wetters!
  • These nappies fit around 3-17kg

The v3.5 nappies have an entirely waterproof shell that can be wiped down in between nappy changes, and snap-in inserts

  • This means the shells dry much quicker (no absorbent material)
  • The shells can double as a swim nappy
  • The nappy can be quickly transitioned from a Day to a Night Nappy, as it allows you to mix and match the following inserts: 
    • 2x 5-layer gussetted inserts (hemp (green snaps) or bamboo (white snaps)); and 
    • 1x 3-layer rectangular Nap insert (designed to be folded into halves/thirds and placed in the 'wet' zone)
  • The v3.0 fits from 3-17kg
  • The v3.5 fits from 4-20kg

There is no right or wrong nappy. It is simply what works best for you (do you like or hate stuffing pockets, do you prefer wiping down and reusing shells, or does it not matter?) and for your baby (Are they a heavy wetter? Are they lanky or chunky? Do they flood the nappy, so need the absorbency of the v3.5?)

If you'd like to read more about which one will suit your baby best, read on below.

Feel free to email us at alcmenanz@gmail.com if you have any questions! 

If I want to do cloth full-time, how many nappies do I need? 

This is a great question and will depend on how often you do laundry and where you live (as this will affect drying times). If you wash less frequently and in a colder climate, we would recommend getting at least 36 nappies to give you a good buffer. 

If you wash every other day and live in a hot environment (or use the dryer/heater), then 20-24 nappies will be a good starting point. 


My v3.0 inserts aren't snapping very well into the v3.5 shells - is that normal?

(See answer below)

Snaps - 'A' and 'B' 

What is the difference between ‘A’ and ‘B’ snaps?

Nappies from our first few releases featured the original snaps (what we’re calling ‘A’ snaps). They are a little larger than the ones released in late 2018-2019 which we’re calling ‘B’ snaps. This means it is a little more difficult to snap the ‘A’ studs into the ‘B’ sockets (will require a little more force). Conversely, the ‘B’ studs will snap into the ‘A’ sockets but will be a little loose (may move around and not snap tightly).

Both snaps are KAM20, but due to a switch in manufacturers, the type of snap used was changed. However, we have asked our new manufacturer to source and use the original ‘A’ snaps to allow our customers in the future to use the inserts and nappies (between releases) interchangeably. Please note that from the December 2019 release, all snaps are 'A'. 

In the meantime, can I still use ‘A’ inserts in ‘B’ nappies (and vice versa)?

Short answer is yes – the inserts and shells can still be used interchangeably and will be functional. Some people also use our nappies without snapping them in at all. With the v1.0 nappies this is easy (simply stuffing them into the pocket). With the v3.0 nappies, you can simply tuck the inserts under the front and back flaps, and place a hand on the middle of the insert whilst putting it on bub’s bottom to avoid it moving too much.

Does my nappy use ‘A’ or ‘B’ snaps?

We have summarised which nappies use which snaps in the document - "How To Tell Different Releases Apart". Feel free to email us if you’d like us to confirm your particular nappies if you’d like!

V1.5 vs V3.5 Nappies - Which Do I Choose?

Question: Which nappy is best for my little one - the v1.5 Ai2 Pocket or v3.5 Snap & Wipe nappy? 

The answer to this question depends on a number of variables, ranging from absorbency required to personal preference, so here are some indicators below to help you with your decision. Keep in mind that most of our customers have some v1.5s and some v3.5s in their stash, as they find the different shape/uses of the nappies suit the different stages that their little ones go through. 

  • "I have a heavy-wetter and need a super absorbent night nappy"
    • Yes - Definitely go with the v3.5 Snap & Wipe nappy. This nappy is a bigger fit and consequently allows (and comes with) more absorbency
    • No - You can use the v1.5 Ai2 Pocket nappy with both inserts as a night nappy, or you can use the v3.5 Snap & Wipe without all the inserts to reduce the bulk 
  • "I prefer a trim fitting nappy that will fit under clothes"
    • Yes - Go with the v1.5 as it is a trimmer, smaller fitting nappy. You can use just one or both inserts, but it will give you a smaller fit than the v3.5 
    • I don't mind - The world is your oyster (both v1.5 or v3.5 will suit your purposes)
  • "I don't want to buy a dedicated swim nappy"
    • Yes - If this is you, we recommend going with the v3.5 as the shell is entirely waterproof and can double as a swim nappy (just make sure the gussets are sitting nice and tight in the undie line)
    • I don't mind - The v3.5 is good to have on hand in case you do an impromptu beach/pool run. In saying that, any nappy shell without the inserts will function fine as a swim nappy which is to ensure no solids get away. 
  • "I have a baby who is likely to grow >17kg before he/she toilet trains"
    • Yes - We created the v3.5 exactly for these little ones! Our v3.5s are a big fit and will fit up to ~20kg so if you are concerned about the amount of wear you'll get out of a smaller nappy, this is the way to go
  • "I'm likely to have a fairly average newborn but don't want to invest in specific newborn nappies"
    • Yes - If this is you, don't worry! We would recommend going with the v1.5s as they are a smaller fit, and starts at a lower weight compared with the v3.5 weight range. There is also a 'Newborn Hack' that you can try on your nappies (feel free to email us about what it is, or Youtube/Google this technique)