Washing Your Nappies

  • Step 1 - Dry Pail: Shake solids into the toilet, rinse out excess and dry pail (any basket with holes) .
    • For Night Nappies, hot hand wash with small amount of detergent OR go straight to Step 2, but wash on 60 degrees
  • Step 2 - Pre-wash (every 1-2 days): Short cycle using 1/2 recommended detergent for heavily-soiled loads, 40-60 degrees, spin (800-1000rpm) and dry pail until Main Wash day
  • Step 3 - Main Wash (every 1-3 days): Long cycle (2-3hrs), full dose of detergent, 40-60 degrees, spin (800-1000rpm) 
  • Step 4 - Dry: For inserts (dry in the sun or in dryer); and for nappy shells (dry in shade or on low heat)


  • Fabric softeners can be used, but infrequently (e.g. 1 in every 3rd wash) as they can reduce absorption of the inserts.
  • If using nappy balms containing zinc/petroleum, place a reusable or disposable liner on top of the insert
    • It is ok to use nappy balms as long as you have: (1) adequate agitation (sufficient loading in the machine), (2) non-eco detergent and (3) warm-hot water – this will help wash out your rash creams.
    • Test your wash routine on a microfleece liner first if unsure.

Information source https://cleanclothnappies.com