Fitting Your Nappies

How do I fit my nappy?

  1. Start with nappy higher at the back
  2. Pull the front of the nappy out towards you (so that the inner gussets are stretched) and then up over bub's belly
  3. Put your hand over the front of the nappy and squeeze the front into a 'taco', so that the inner gussets sit right in the groin area of both legs
  4. Clip the first hip snaps on either side
  5. (If using rise snaps), use your index and middle finger, gently push up any extra material in between the rise snaps
  6. Clip in the rest of the waist snaps
  7. Run your fingers along the inner gussets and tuck/roll them in as needed. The outer gusset does not need to sit against the skin, only the inner gusset